Vampires, dragons, and many more species are part of Norse mythology. Leave the settings aside, and let’s talk about the themes that make this game feel so calm. Fimbulwinter is one of the best make-believe games that speaks so much about the Viking setting for the end of the world. The story depicts how the world has a plague of snow and ice for three seasons nonstop. The excitement of the game comes from the conflict between the legends and the present giants. The battle has Norse Mythology’s typicalness, and it depicts how difficult it was for the legends to manage the world’s struggle.

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The first fifteen minutes of the game comes with a lot of action and excitement as it started with a feud between families. The next line of action is an unknown murder, followed by a powerful resurrection. The exciting thing about Fimbul is the immediate dive into the story and action. It is one of the legendary plots brought back to life through the help of the old berserker Kveldevur. Berserker Kveldevur began the journey to revenge in an epic style as he set out to avenge his father’s death. He will fight to eradicate his brother in this epic battle of revenge. There may be giants in this game, but that does not alter Fimbul from having its storyline rather than dwelling on existing mythology.

The destiny of the world is in jeopardy as Ragnarok beckons. Therefore, Kveldevur’s decision to make sure Ragnarok does not happen takes him through many dark forests like tundra, steppes, and frozen lakes in ancient Scandinavia. Kveldevur’s fighting decided he had to maintain his blood flow and temperature by killing several enemies, including giants and Man. You will find that the game is not missing in fun elements as it sends trolls into the plot to bring out more attractions for players. However, the game’s story remains highly grounded, which means the game offers not so many unique elements. In terms of appearance and looks, Fimbul is one of a kind as it uses artistic styles to bring out the lethality of Kveldevur.

The game’s theme reels from the backdrop of freshly fallen snows, poor-looking crags, and fallen trees. The Fimbul combat comes in throbbing exercise whenever the blood from enemies fall on the bright white snow. The game’s background comes from bare-bones, and this will limit the free movement of the players. Therefore, nothing from the game evolves from the beginning to the end. Hence, you can soon start feeling bored from the gaming event as you begin to experience the slowness in the game’s character’s movement. Furthermore, because of the tedium experience, Kveldevur results in using his long sword. However, in the quest to bolster his arsenal, he can pick up a series of weapons left on the floor by fallen enemies.

┬áThe gameplay allows Kveldevur to pick up shields and an ace in his war belt to protect himself, although all of these can get easily destroyed. Additionally, if Kveldevur chooses, he can get a spear strapped to his back while also holding another one with his hand to fight or throw at the enemies. Fimbul is a game of brutal scenes, and the combat comes with lots of bloodsheds. However, the game can sometimes lag and will affect the majority of Fimbul’s playtime.

When switching weapons in the air, you aid your chances of surviving within the game. Although it is difficult to understand the process required to make this happen. Also, hitting a helmet that is lying on the floor can serve as a medium boost for the player’s overall defense. Furthermore, the game affords Kveldevur a lot of special abilities that readily comes in handy whenever needed.

Examples of these special abilities include a type of powerful shoulder charge that helps Kveldevur run through the enemy’s defense and a magical banner that serves as a healing tool for a few seconds. The game comes with many early tensions, and you will need to use the subplot that allows you to guide a small boy through the Jotun prison to reduce the game’s early pressure. Also, at this stage, the game introduces an entire stealth section that is highly difficult to play, but it acts as a switch in the game’s pace.

The game’s story is never really captivating in the real sense, but it could be due to the comic style scenes that fail to delight me as a player. However, the game was perfectly carved artistically, and there is enough decency in the game’s writing plot. What to know is that Fimbul is a game of fun with a small build; however, the game needs more stories and flesh. Furthermore, it has pretty enticing combat with lots of brutal scenes that lasts for almost an hour.

The challenge here is that the war and the brutal scenes can soon get quickly tiring, and the pace remains the same throughout. Additionally, facing the bosses is even not clinical and engaging enough as you only have to keep running from attacks while you wait for a chance to strike. There is no reason to think about strategy or tactics in this game as you only have to focus on hitting the enemy’s weak spots. Overall, it is a pretty decent game with a lovely work of art that presents the atmosphere in thrilling ways.

The game’s icy winds, the thick dark forest, and the unloving cold will keep you glued to the game. Also, the slowly burning flames that are gradually reducing the world’s efficacy is one of the game’s curious elements that help players get more interested in the game. However, it is a little sad that the game doesn’t have more tales to tell, and there isn’t more variety to make the game more engaging.